Read what some of our clients have to say about how salt therapy has benefited them.


“I suffer from chronic COPD and emphysema and at the end of 2012 I was deteriorating rapidly. When I heard about salt therapy I decided I had nothing to lose by giving it a try. The turnaround in my condition has been nothing short of remarkable and even my GP has noted how much my condition has improved. Salt therapy is not a cure, but it has improved my quality of life immeasurably.”



“I was told about Salt Serenity and the benefits it could have on certain conditions.
My husband Arthur had a very bad chest infection last year which required antibiotics. The second round finally made it a lot better but he was left with a cough and like a froth on his chest which didn’t want to leave.
Arthur is a disabled person who walks with a stick so normal exercise is not available to him. We chose the 10 session programme started slowly and then increased the sessions.
The first thing I noticed after 2 sessions that he was not snoring at night and after years of telling him to roll over. This was just great because he sleeps with a mouth guard (which does not help with his snoring) otherwise he would have no teeth left.
He also got a lot of rubbish removed from high up his nose or from under his eyes, not sure never seen that before.
He is not snoring & seems to be having better sleeps – “I know I am”.
He also has been able to remove the froth from his chest and is still removing it.
I needed to try something as I was worried about the winter coming & his chest not right from last year.
The 2 women at Salt Serenity are great and easy to talk to. We enjoyed our sessions and intend on having more when the time is right. “

Arthur & Nina


For my 4 year old son who suffers from allergies & sinusitis, I found after about 4-5 sessions, he was able to breathe through his nose which he has never been able to do before! Being able to breathe through his nose meant he could sleep better.
My son without fail would every morning when he gets up would sneeze & have a runny nose. This has completely stopped unless the pollen is extreme. For his general well being it has helped him so much just to be able to breathe normally.”

Priscilla – Mum


“My daughter who is 10, has suffered badly from eczema since birth. Five weeks ago we started salt room sessions in conjunction with salt baths twice a week at home, and WOW!! We have had a 90% improvement and have not had to use any steroids cream at all through this time. We had tried every remedy or ‘miracle cream’ before this with no improvement. I can not believe the difference and as a healthy natural way to treat this condition, we could not recommend salt therapy enough!! The girls at Salt Serenity have been nothing but kind, helpful and supportive. I still can not believe that we have found something that works!! Thank you Salt Serenity!!!!!”

Sally – Mum


Had two super relaxing sessions in the salt room. A headache I’d had for four days was gone that evening. Also love my new salt lamp that now sits on my office desk as I work on my laptop. Sometimes move it into other rooms to create a warm atmosphere. Good to know it’s adding negative ions into the room too!



This is the best I’ve felt in the last 10 years. First winter in at least 5 years that I haven’t had a lung infection or had to be on antibiotics and being told by the doctor that I should be in hospital.
I told my doctor the other day how well I felt so she decided to listen to my chest and could not believe that I do NOT wheeze at all.